Looking to place the order for the 50 Around The Valley Wind Breakers- Needing help!

We are trying to finalize the order for the 50 Wind Breakers for the ATV-60 Loopsters and we are in search of a little help.

Here is what I can tell you for sure- The company we are dealing with has the following sizes to choose from: (All Adult-Male)

- Extra Small
We have received a jacket size from most of the finishers but we will need to convert some of the sizes over to match their chart. The jacket will be a pull over Windbreaker and after a great deal of discussion with the folks here as to what will make the logo look the best, the color will be khaki.

The back will consist of the Around The Valley logo and on the front will be two smaller logo's- 1 of the VBL and the 2ND of your favorite team. If you are on of the 50 folks that completed the loop and have a question please contact us as soon as possible by posting a response or by e-mail @ crystalcleardelivery@hotmail.com...

Here is a shot of the air brushing that will be on the back of the windbreaker. We always look to keep the money we spend in the community and this work is being done by a local artist here in downtown Luray by the name of Daniel. Daniel is in the process of opening up a shop here in town and we are looking forward to doing business with him!


Anonymous said…
Wow what a great looking jacket. Daniel has done Sabrina's design job justice! The Loopsters are so excited. Thank you so much Jerry and the rest of the Carter Family. Yall are the bestest!
That has been Teresa's roll all year long. Say just the right thing when she knows I need it the most... 50 Jackets ordered and I only had to guess on 4 of them...Here is hoping I guessed right!
The shipment is due to us no later than August 7, 2008 and then Daniel will start working on them!
I have to share a thought with you as I rushed to make a large number of calls in a limited amount of time. Both Kay Snyder and Jim Shipp answered their phones and I was able to wish both of them luck in their game tonight at Winchester... Easy calls to make and if ever a game could end in a tie...1 Final congrats to each and everyone of the 50 Loopsters!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! and to think I was thrilled enough just to have the chance to meet all these wonderful people and have great conversations and to throw out a first pitch--but this awesome jacket too!! WOW! I will wear mine proudly!

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