Now that all of the serious stuff is posted(7 posts): A lighter look at Day 61 from Around The Valley in 60 Days

This will serve as the 8TH and final post from Day 61 which now has become Day 62.
Here are some of my thoughts for last night and the action tomorrow:

1. I am already looking forward to checking in at in the morning and seeing John Leonard sift through all of the info, links, stories and then mix-in the box scores that Kevin is working on back at the VBL's office. John will take 20 different pieces of info and then in a manner that very few can, will make it all look professional.

2. How sure was I that Luray would find a way to win game #2 and force the series back to Luray for the deciding game tonight? To borrow a line from my dear friends back at New Market- we had them the whole way! The Bulldogs (that is what they were called yesterday) had their fearless leader back in the dugout and another ace heading out to the mound... The atmosphere back at Bulldog Field should be great as the two rivals will both have crowd support.

3. It was fun to be in Haymarket for a number of reasons... Getting to be there for H-Joe's 1ST pitch as well as chatting with the other 2 Haymarket Loopsters. The question came up about whether young Emma at age 7 was the youngest of all the Loopsters? I really didn't expect fans from Haymarket to be able to make the loop with so many of the 11 parks being major road trips but the final # was 3! Scott Parker (Emma's Dad and baseball travel buddy) promises to send along some notes from their adventures from Around The Valley in the next few days...

4. ESPN-1240 Sean Youngberg- If you follow the site you already know how much we think of this young man and his efforts to promote both the Waynesboro Generals and the Valley Baseball League. Sean is working on his second set of stops at most of the parks and last night he was kind enough to let me sit in on the broadcast. I team up with Chip Crabill to broadcast the Augusta County High School Game of the Week during the fall on the same ESPN outlet and this is how I came to meet young Sean. Sean is a student at James Madison University when he is not playing play-by-play man for the Generals.

During the evening I was fortunate to meet Sean's Mother, Father, Sister as well as his Aunt & Uncle that came up for the game. We were able to visit a little before and after the game and I think pretty highly of the entire family (minus the Yankees fans part). We had fun sharing a laugh about the high stakes pay of the job and I liked Sean's line about what he tells his friends about it only costs him a few bucks a game to get to work.

There is a number of jobs I have dabbled with over the past three years in the Greater Shenandoah Valley Area and I must say that I try and treat each of them with a great deal of respect. Being on the air for ESPN-1240 (WTON) is one of these projects or multiple part-time jobs as my wife likes to call them. Most of the time I try to avoid criticism, constructive or not but this is one field I welcome thoughts- so if you were listening down in the Staunton-Waynesboro area last night, I welcome some feed back...

5. One thing that never gets old is when you run into a family member that is familiar with the site or your efforts. Last night that happened two more times- Mr. Sizemore and Mr. Caito.
Mr. Caito (Zach's Dad) and I spent much of my first trip up to Haymarket talking along with John Lloyd. The Caito family has spent their entire summer driving around to watch their three sons play baseball. I did get a medical update on Zac, his broken bone being one of the reasons the Sens are down to 16 players on the active roster. Dad says they are changing the casts about once a week and that Zac didn't need surgery and will be back playing ball at St.Leo's before we know it.
Mr. Sizemore (Brandon's Grand Father)- I had mentioned once earlier tonight that he had noticed me trying to hustle around the park to both collect and distribute scores. He took the time to mention how much he appreciated the effort and I can't tell you just how much that is worth to hear. The only thing tougher than running around for an entire summer would be to do it and not be sure if anybody is paying attention. It was great to visit with you for a moment or two and I hope you have safe travels back to Florida when your stay here is over.

6. Gotta get out to my real job as they say- Day/Night 61 is in the books and Day 62 is under way here @ AROUND THE VALLEY IN 60 DAYS!

7. Please read below to see reports on all 4 VBL playoff games and some New Pics!

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