Kay and the Dodges

Kay and the Dodges sounds like a band name, doesn't it? Maybe it should be. You guys should look into that. Here are some pictures from their special first-pitch evening.

I hadn't been to Rebel Park in a while - they're working hard on expanding the pavilion!

The fire department was there in full force, again, giving away a lot of Smokey the Bear paraphernalia and promoting fire safety.

The sports complex for the Rebels. Somehow, all the times we've been there, I don't know that I've ever taken this shot before.

A shot of all the FD vehicles that made the short drive down the street to Rebel Park.

Melissa and Noah head over to the clearing by the pavilion to practice before their first pitch.

Melissa tosses one to Noah.
Noah and Melissa both proved to be good pitchers as well as catchers.

Noah definitely has a pistol of an arm - and he plays soccer? Maybe he's in the wrong sport!

A good shot for the evening - the local cub scout pack presented the flag tonight right before the Dodges and Kay threw out the first pitch.

While the Dodges were warming up, the Rebels were getting the always majestic Rebel field up to tip-top shape.

The cub scouts were definitely pumped to get on the field!

Charlie joined the warm-ups, too.

The Dodges pose for a picture by John Galle, writer and photographer extraordinaire.

John Galle checking his work. We're always glad to see this talented writer from the SVH.

John Galle hard at work.

Each first pitch-er got a few minutes to talk to John Galle before heading onto the field.

Noah and Charlie answer some of John's questions.

Charlie ponders a deep, thought-provoking question.

Melissa and Kay both seem excited... but do I sense a bit of nerves? "No," Melissa assured me. "I've done this once before."

John finished the rounds quickly - it was almost that time!

There were upwards of 50,000 fans at Rebel Park last night...

The troop lined up before heading onto the field.

Melissa and Noah watch their boys warm up before the game starts.

And the moment arrives for these young men - lookin' good!

A nice shot of the teams lined up, ready to honor our nation's flag.

I love this shot - it seems epic.

Ah! It's here! The moment of heart-pounding truth. Nolan Neiman hands out the balls before these four line-up at the mound.

Charlie Dodge kindly accepts his soon-to-be momento from Nolan.
Kay looks enthused! So does Nolan, for that matter!

"Throw whenever you're ready," said the voice of the Rebels, Bruce Alger. "I'm ready! I'm ready!" said Melissa- she threw hers right away.

Noah decided to wait until everyone else was thru throwing so all eyes would be on his strike!

My favorite shot - the catchers and pitchers shaking hands after the first pitch.

Another shot of the post-pitch fun. Look at those smiles!

Kay gets her ball back from Murray Watts.

That's what we like to see - more big smiles!

These three stopped long enough to pose with their souvenirs from their trip Around the Valley.

A shot of the crowd before I left. Lots of young'ns rushin' about!

What a seat!

The table set-up for the fire department. They were busy all night - especially once Smokey the Bear came out for his visit!

Look at those grandstands - just as full as the reserved seating.

A shot of the scoreboard as I headed off for the night.

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